Every design is custom made to your specification to whatever size, colour and scale, in qualities of pashmina, silk, veedon or Best Tibetan wool.

Tigers go to Scotland
Blue Stars Veedon & Silk
Aquarium By Hilary Simon
Samuel's Squares
Ruffled Feathers
Darts II Patrick Tyberghein
Darts By Patrick Tyberghein
Dufy Leaves Silk
American 5 Star In Pashmina
Silk Chequerboard
Jungle In Pashmina
21st Century Graffiti
Original Mystic Swirls
St Marks Square II
Ripples In The Dunes
Lattice Diamonds
Damascus Shell In Silk
Augusta Beetle 1
She Comes in Many Colours
Dragonfly Hermione Skye
Happy Blondes Wendy Bray