The Inchbald

Competition Stimulates Creativity. Veedon Fleece is proud of its association with The Inchbald School of Design and our annual carpet competition. This initiative was instigated to give the designers of tomorrow an understanding of how versatile hand made carpets can be and the importance of including them in interiors.

Winning designs 2023
Nicole's Mirror Alexander Blayney-Crewe
A Handful of Flowers Andrea Schaller
Inchbald Winners 2022
Inchbald Winners
Totem by Ashita Gohil-Amin
Trifle By Stephen Dick
You Are Here By Elaine Williams
Seed Pods By Anji Connell
Go Fish By Zoe Taylor
2019 Winning Designers
Kiev USSR by Roberta Picchi
Pave By Rowan Fuggle
Sister's Solice by Sophie Smith
Lucy Russell Hills
2018 Winning Designers
Finger Print By Daniel Mateus
Verve Gold By Agata Byrne
Wild Flowers By Amanda Allfrey
Fields Of Gold By Alex Rainford Roberts
Bees & Cartouche By Sally Ann Lasson
Chicago River By Trish Striglos
Natures Skeletons By Etty Hill
Leaves By Wren Loucks
Blossom By Nicole Oberfoll
Footprints Of The Wind Michelle Wu
Sea Shapes By Emily Kane
Nemo By Sabina Fatkullina
Clear Sundial Shells By Ruba Shanti
Savoy By Anne Williamson
Indian Fish Lucy Barton
After Eight By Michele Holland
Basin By Erika Raubeuheimer
Elizabetta Robinson
Summer Festival By Yumiya Aono
Tread Gently By Katya Garrood
Silk Fish By Annie Fosteras
Ophelia By Camilla Tapasse
Susannah Corbett
Abstracts of Childhood Camilla Renaud
Coral By Paolo Aprato
Bianca Martinelli
Footsteps In Time Monique Tollgard
View By Hermanus Louw