The Creative Process

'Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it  represents the wise choice of many alternatives'

Presented with a design or asked to create a design for a home or commercial setting, first colours are agreed, often after a site visit to see just how the light and space will work with the design and the quality of chosen yarns.   Importantly, at this stage measurements can be checked to make sure that the very best is being made of the space. 

 Once the size, design, colours and quality have been chosen and budget agreed, Veedon Fleece makes samples for  the client  and on approval of samples which take four to six weeks, the process begins.  The point paper is drawn up;  and it is this which the weavers will follow to tie the  thousands of knots to complete the commission.

 Whilst the point paper is being drawn, the yarns, Best Tibetan wool, veedon, silk or pashmina are selected, weighed and sent to the dye works for matching to the approved colours. 

 The warp threads are carefully stretched onto the empty steel frame and a sense of both excitement and anticipation is in the air. As each commission is a totally bespoke order, everything in the process of creation is undergone with great attention to detail. 

 The weavers, who could spend anything up to a year working on a large carpet are chosen.  Of course, these weavers will be friends having worked together for some time as their individual skills, likes and 

 dislikes when it comes to weaving certain designs are taken into account. 

Veedon Fleece's experienced weavers face a different challenge when starting a new carpet.  This could be two weavers working together on a small rug for eight to ten weeks or as many as twelve weavers working on a large palatial silk carpet for anything up to a year. The responsibility is immense, especially for large carpets; a momentous undertaking. 

Lead times are discussed and images of carpets on the loom are sent to inform clients on a regular basis. 

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