Veedon Fleece 

 Founder Adam Gilchrist spent five years researching and defining the right place and people to oversee his ethically run carpet looms in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal.


As a custom weaving house creating purely bespoke hand knotted rugs and carpets in their own workshops in Nepal, Adam and Clare Gilchrist started the business 27 years ago somewhat trailblazing their way, but with two initial guiding principles when they set up their own looms; firstly to stop the use of child labour within the industry and secondly to change the industry practice by making unique carpets of a superior quality that would last for generations. 

Veedon Fleece still stands by its original objectives, creating purely bespoke carpets and rugs on a worldwide basis to an international clientele.



Now in 2020 and during this interesting period in our lives,  Veedon Fleece have been looking back at their archive,  recalling the hundreds of commissions they have created over the years. They remember with great fondness the 100 colour sample square which at the very foundation of their business, were the only colours available.   Only 100 colours and now we all have hundreds to choose from.  Life was once much simpler! 

We continue to take enquiries and will happily forward samples and quotations on request.

There are a small number of rugs immediately available on our website